About Us

At DigiAfrik, we take it as a responsibility to ensure your success in the area of technology. From 2007 till date, this goal which spurred the formation of this great company has maintained a focus in bringing modern technological alternatives and solutions to Africans at the most affordable cost. Through the help of our multinational service partners, we have been able to keep the needs of our clients at top priority with little or no strain in pricing.

From Our studios in Delta state, to our business  outlets in Abuja, Lagos, and Network hubs in Amsterdam and other parts of Europe Our success stories have been recorded not only in the areas of assembling, manufacture, as well as importation of infrastructure for broadcasting, but also in media productions, telecommunications and emerging techno-education.

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Even with no equipment in your premises we can get you started in a few hours with our remote broadcast facilities that you can manage remotely and even offer you lovely % discounts on your medium term payments